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An innovative renewable energy project that will benefit the Mauricie region and Quebec. Because we don’t have the luxury of waiting until tomorrow!


TES Canada is developing a green hydrogen production project in the Mauricie region that will assist in accelerating the decarbonization of Quebec

Green hydrogen will reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Quebec

Green hydrogen is essential for the energy transition in sectors such as transportation, heavy industries, green chemistry and steel manufacturing where electrification is not an option.

800,000 tons

This is the amount of GHGs that our project plans to avoid annually in Quebec, which represents 3% of the province’s emissions reduction target for 2030.

Projet Mauricie

Scope of the project

The Projet Mauricie plans to build a green hydrogen production plant powered exclusively by renewable electricity. Most of our energy needs will be met by self-generated renewable energy.

Why the Mauricie region?

It is the birthplace of renewable electricity in Quebec. The region offers several advantages for transporting hydrogen to decarbonize Quebec end-users.

Hydrogen usage

The hydrogen produced is intended for Quebec end-users. It will play a complementary role to direct electrification, in industrial processes and the heavy transport sectors.

Job creation

During construction, the Projet Mauricie will generate more than 1,000 jobs in the region which will have a multiplying effect throughout the local economy.


After construction, more than 200 permanent jobs will be created to operate this landmark project for the Mauricie region and for Quebec.

Economic benefits

The economic benefits will be significant for the region and for Quebec. This project represents several billion dollars of capital investment, which will enable the regional economy to diversify and benefit from a new source of renewable energy.


The Projet Mauricie is currently in its development phase, which includes the filing of the project notice in 2024, followed by the filing of the impact study at the end of the year. In 2025, the project will be submitted to the regulatory authorities, notably the BAPE and the CPTAQ. Construction would then begin in 2026, with operations starting in 2028.

Projet Mauricie Overview

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